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France, as a member of the Group of Seven leading industrialized countries, has the EU’ second largest economy. Its excellent economic power with the heritage of Sorbonne, one of the first universities of the world, always inspires and allures international students to come here and exercise their education. As more and more developed countries are attracting international students by offering courses, France has also raced to attract students by offering them courses in English, making visa procedures simpler, offering stay-back, etc. France has its own advantages with a heavily subsidized education system with course fees very low compared to the US, UK and other European countries.

KNOW THE french education stystem

French education system is a bit complex compared to other systems in the world, with different streams Universities (LMD), GrandeEcoles (
to achieve the same goal.

Therefore, understanding the different streams, choosing the best stream and then the course to study and select the colleges based on their ranking (both French and international) should be one of the first priorities of an aspiring student to come to France.


French people always prefer to speak their native French language like Indians feel comfortable talking in their maternal language. The foremost thing is to understand that the higher education offered in English medium is for foreign students. The rest of the education system in France is in French medium.

In most of the industries and companies, they are few non-native speakers (non-francophone folks) working than other developed countries, which makes it important for international students to have a good level of French at the end of their studies to boost their CV, the letter of motivation and give interviews to start with French companies.

French companies prefer those who can adapt and fit for their team by participating in informal coffee chats and internal French meetings. Those who are coming to France to pursue their studies in management schools 
need to remember that they are finally going to work with or to manage a group French people, which of course needs a substantial level of French.

Therefore, prospective students should deliberately prepare to learn French and integrate into French culture by the end of your studies so that French companies will favorably prefer you.


To conclude, it would be worthwhile to ask yourself some questions, before choosing France to pursue your higher education:

– Why France?

– Which stream, course and school?

– What are the job opportunities for the course work?

– What is the level of French that I need for this job sector?

– Am I ready to learn French?

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