WMF France Committee would like to inform our dear family that, WE, after long deliberations, have unanimously decided to rebrand and rename our association and suspend our partnership with the WMF Global body. Our family association will henceforth be called ‘SAMA France (Sarva Malayalee France). The name ‘SAMA’ even in its abbreviated form brings in the flavor of what our association truly represents (Meaning: ‘Equality’).
As you probably know, WMF France has been an independent association since its inception in 2017 and this association has had its own bylaws and registration. At the time of its creation, the committee members informed the WMF Global committee that WMF France activities will be completely unrestrained by the decisions taken by the global body and that WMF France will work autonomously with the only goal of working for the welfare of the Malayalees in France. However, though an agreement was reached with the global body at that point, the changing WMF global coordinators and WMF global committee has, off late, questioned the independent functioning of our selfless organization. We, the committee members, therefore strongly felt that the interests of the global body did not match with the ideologies and principles of what we represent. Hence, we felt that a mutually agreeable disunion was the best course of action. PLEASE NOTE that we are not registering a new association, but WE ARE just renaming our association and we confirm that all the committee members and association members will continue to be part of our organization and we will continue to strive for excellence to bring all Malayalees in France under one umbrella, as one family. We assure our Malayali family that SAMA France will continue to represent the beautiful state of Kerala with great dignity and pride in France, as we continue to illuminate and reverberate the ‘Kerala Culture’. All avenues and activities like ‘Malayalam Mission’, ‘Student Council’, ‘Women’s Forum’, Career Council’, Journal, Music band and all our cultural and social sub-groups will continue to be affiliated with SAMA France. We hope that our dear France family would wholeheartedly respect our decision, and we sincerely thank you in advance for all the cooperation and support for the near future.

DURING THIS COVID 19 PANDEMIC Please contact us if you are in distress. OUR HELPLINE IS READY TO HELP.​


This lock down phase has been a time for self introspection and a period when our dear family members would have had time to re-discover their hidden talents and fine-tune and polish their artistic abilities.
SAMA France recognizes the urge in many of you to display your talent and therefore the committee would like to provide you a platform to show case the same. We would be absolutely delighted to host every talented person in our SAMA group live at your earliest convenience.
So, what are you waiting for? Please announce your talent to one of our committee members, book a slot and come on live. This would also serve as a live audition for you brilliant folks to perform on-stage for our next public SAMA France event.
Looking forward to your participation and performance live!

wmf FRANCE paint @ home (above 16 years) contest winners

1st Prize : Abijith N James

2nd Prize : Lakshmi Jayakumar

3rd Prize : Vikas Mathew


1st Prize : Sathwik Prasanth

2nd Prize : Aaron Thomas

3rd Prize : Niharika Sreekumar

wmf FRANCE lockdown photo contest winners

1st Prize : Prasanth Mohanachandran

2nd Prize : Athira Roy

3rd Prize : Thejaswini Susobhanan

WMF France tik-tok contest winners

1st Prize : Sariga S Babu

2nd Prize : Sreedevi Namboothiri & Nitesh Earkara

3rd Prize : Albin Joseph Parecattil & Subin Manjeri


As we are going through an unprecedented and difficult time due to the global pandemic, SAMA France, as announced earlier is engaged in helping the needy students and other Parisian Malayalis in distress, to provide them food and other relief materials. As we are a non-profit organization with limited resources, we would like to seek help from our Parisian fraternity to provide immediate relief to the needy. Hence, SAMA is initiating a campaign to help raise funds for this noble cause. Please contribute to the same.


As you are already aware, SAMA Bulletin will be transformed into a monthly journal, and this will include literary articles from Malayalees in France.
We would also like to announce a ‘Journal Naming Contest’ and the winning entry will be the future name of our online journal. Winner will receive exciting prizes.
Please submit your entry here or PM your suggestion to the committee members.


COVID 19 has invoked a lot of despair, worry and stress around the world. This pandemic has certainly affected the livelihood of numerous performing artists worldwide.
Singers of Malayalam film industry have entertained, delighted, charmed and enthralled us for years, however, since the advent of the virus, innumerable artists are in distress.
SAMAM, Singers Association of Malayalam Movies, have initiated a fund raising campaign to support the helpless and needy fraternity of brilliant singers. Some of our prominent guests of the last few days like Mr Venugopal Gee, Mrs Jyotsna Radhakrishnan, have participated in live programs to raise funds for SAMAM.
SAMA France, at this juncture, extends their sincere support to the cause and would request all Malayalees in France to do their bit to support the great artists who have soothed, comforted and consoled us with their melodies for years.


As we plan to continue on with our non-quarantine life after the ‘lock down’ period concludes, on May 11th, ‘Masks’ will be an integral part of our life style. While wearing masks is not mandatory for most part of your day to day activities, it is widely recommended to use one, to avoid contracting the infamous virus. There is a pro-active plan introduced by government agencies to make these masks available to all legal residents of France/Paris. However, if one has not gotten hold of these masks yet, SAMA France has got you covered. SAMA France has now started distributing masks. We will be posting these masks on a first come-first serve basis.
Desperate times creates heroes, new avatars and angels. We have one such Samaritan among st us and her name is Shanti Valuparambil. Mrs Shanti has made a conscientious and heart warming effort to donate her time to create masks for the Malayalees in France.


We would like to spread awareness that, although this sounds promising and tempting, these short cuts must be ideally avoided and this path should not be taken to plan your future and this could probably land you in trouble. These fake agents could send you a private message with promises they cannot fulfill. Please note that, in case such groups/marketers target you, this is definitely not with the knowledge of our committee or administrators